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Duik van Erwin gemaakt op 23 Oct 2004 om 09:00

Buddy(s) - Marleen Fretz
Duikduur - 68
Maximale diepte - 16
Duikstek - Gota Abu Ramada East
Bootduik - ja
Driftduik - nee
Extra diepe duik - nee
Nachtduik - nee
Decoduik - nee
Oefenduik - nee
Begeleidingsduik - nee
IJsduik - nee
Wrakduik - nee
Zicht - goed
Watertemperatuur - 27
Bijzonderheden -
Duik no. 13
Grotduik - nee
- Soort water -
Bergmeer - nee
Lijnduik - nee
Soort pak - nat
Soort lucht - perslucht
- Beginaantal bar -
- Eindaantal bar -
- Stroomduik -
helmduik/volgelaatmasker - nee
instructeur/examinator - Dimitri van Landschoot
Examenduik - nee
Duikgebied - Hurghada
Landcode - Egypte (eg)

  • Abu Ramada is as island situated to the south from Giftun National Park. It offers many diving sites – eastern wall is divided into Abu Ramada South and Abu Ramada North. Moreover, between there are Erg Abu Ramada and Abu Ramada Cave. In the description below we will focus on the most popular part, Abu Ramada South. It offers perfect conditions for both advanced divers as well as for practicing during the course (for example practicing multilevel divers). Apart from amazing flora and fauna we can find here also wreck of a safari boat witch burned down years ago and settled on the fact the reef is an island it is very well secured, even during most inconvenient weather, from the wind and the waves.

  • It is probably the most popular reef of Hurghada, offering an excellent diving conditions for both beginner and experienced diver. It consist of a huge coral block, located close by the Abu Ramada Island from which the name Gotta (“a piece”) Abu Ramada comes from. Due to its size, the reef was divided into two diving sites: Eats and West. The place is often called “aquarium”. Why? Find out yourself.